About Doekit

Doekit is a new cosmetics company focussing on making cute new makeup easy to use and accessible by everyone! Our kits have everything included for a full-face of makeup, to help make it easy and fun to try new looks and styles. Doekits are designed to last only a few weeks and be compact enough to take anywhere. They're the perfect palette for touch-ups wherever you are, and especially perfect for vacations and trips so that you don't have to drag all of your full-sized products with you and take up more space. The compact size also helps you ensure that you're using fresh, un-expired makeup at all times and that you'll actually be using up all the makeup you get! Your skin and your wallet will thank you.  

We are 100% cruelty free and all of our makeup is made right here in Nevada. We make sure that our makeup is high quality, on par with the high-end brands that you see in stores, because we also like to use it on ourselves and we all deserve the best.